BitSexy Rules

General rules - Breaking these rules can and will get you banned!
  • Do not post content with models under the age of 18!

  • Do not upload password protected content (files/folders/archives)!

  • Do not upload revenge porn clips/movies/photos!

  • Do not upload images on pay per click, passive spam, and sopup websites!

  • Do not defy the moderators expressed wishes!
  • Do not upload our torrents to other trackers! (See the FAQ for details.)
  • Disruptive behaviour in the forums or on the game server will result in a warning ( ).
    You will only get one warning! After that it's bye bye Kansas!

Downloading rules - By not following these rules you will lose download privileges!
  • Torrents must be seeded at least 24 hours or until ratio 1:1!

  • Access to the newest torrents is conditional on a good ratio! (See the FAQ for details.)
  • Low ratios may result in severe consequences, including banning in extreme cases.
  • Torrents must be seeded at least 24 hours or until ratio 1:1.

General Forum Guidelines - Please follow these guidelines or else you might end up with a warning!
  • No aggressive behaviour or flaming in the forums.
  • No trashing of other peoples topics (i.e. SPAM).
  • No language other than English in the forums.
  • No systematic foul language (and none at all on titles).
  • No links to warez or crack sites in the forums.
  • No requesting or posting of serials, CD keys, passwords or cracks in the forums.
  • No requesting if there has been no 'scene' release in the last 7 days.
  • No bumping... (All bumped threads will be deleted.)
  • No images larger than 800x600, and preferably web-optimised.
  • No double posting. If you wish to post again, and yours is the last post in the thread please use the EDIT function, instead of posting a double.
  • Please ensure all questions are posted in the correct section!
    (Game questions in the Games section, Apps questions in the Apps section, etc.)
  • Last, please read the FAQ before asking any questions!

Avatar Guidelines - Please try to follow these guidelines
  • The allowed formats are .gif, .jpg and .png.
  • Be considerate. Resize your images to a width of 150 px and a size of no more than 150 KB. (Browsers will rescale them anyway: smaller images will be expanded and will not look good; larger images will just waste bandwidth and CPU cycles.) For now this is just a guideline but it will be automatically enforced in the near future.
  • Do not use potentially offensive material involving religious material, animal / human cruelty or ideologically charged images. Mods have wide discretion on what is acceptable. If in doubt PM one.

Uploading rules - Torrents violating these rules may be deleted without notice
  • Make sure not to include any serial numbers, CD keys or similar in the description (you do not need to edit the NFO!).
  • Make sure your torrents are well-seeded for at least 24 hours.
  • Stay active! You risk being demoted if you have no active torrents.

  • If you have something interesting that somehow violate these rules (e.g. not ISO format), ask a mod and we might make an exception.